The concept of the TJM DBM is not to compete with existing DC/DC converters/chargers on the market, as the unit offers much more than charging from one battery to another. Therefore TJM decided to go after the strong points of the product – Dual Battery Management. The kit includes the DBM module in combination with the Jump Start Kit which includes the IBS 200A relay, round Jump Start button, 2 x fuseholders with 30A fuses, crimp terminals and small wiring kit.

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Product Description



  • Simple 3 or 4 Wire installation connections
  • Offers emergency jump start from Aux battery if installed
  • Offers dual fast charge via alternator charging for initial fast charge. AS STANDARD -
  • Offers DC to DC charging output for 100% charge. AS STANDARD.
  • Jump « Dash Start Kit »  with 200Amp to 500Amp power relay. This feature also offers increased output for operating an electric winch in extreme conditions.
  • Supports all battery types including Lithium, LED crystal, AGM, Gel, Wet cell.
  • 3 or 4 stage charge modes Inc. bulk, absorption, float. ( Auto equalisation every 30 days)
  • Supports 3 user selectable charge levels: 14V (Low), 14.4V (Mid), 14.8V (high) giving you flexibility with choice of battery.
  • Temperature control up to 100°C
  • 12V or 24V application.
  • Recommended for trailer application up to 7m without voltage drop.
  • Silicone sealed for harsh dust and water environment
  • Voltmeter compatible
  • Charge back from Aux battery to Starter battery if sufficient charge is present, for example solar panel or battery charger.
  • Fast charging of flat batteries.
  • Swiss designed, built and engineered for you with over 20 years of experience

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