High Lift Jack
High Lift Jack
High Lift Jack

TJM High Lift Jack

TJM recovery Jack, a special jack custom made for off road use to get safely out of situations where normal jacks get trapped in sand and can not lift the vehicle enough for a safe recovery. The main advantage of these jacks are that they do not need traditional jacking points which are non accessible when vehicle is trapped.



A versatile piece of equipment the TJM Recovery Jack will provide a means of lifting the vehicle to aid recovery. The standard jack supplied with most four wheel drives can only raise the vehicle sufficiently to change a tire on paved roads or hard packed surfaces when the vehicle is not bogged.

They usually rely on placing the jack under the vehicle in special spot on the frame or unibody. If you try using this type when you are bogged to the chassis in sand or mud you’ll understand why it’s quite inadequate. The TJM Recovery Jacks can be used on any suitable part of the vehicle and can lift a larger amount of weight much higher than the standard Recovery Jacks.

The jack fits directly into TJMs unique T-slot recovery point which has been extensively tested and can be found on many TJM Steel Bullbars. In emergency situations it can also be used to remove the vehicle from an impending obstacle by attaching a cable at each end and using it like a hand winch.

The TJM Recovery Jack now comes with bag and jack keeper.


  • Fits directly into the TJM Bullbars unique T-Slot Recovery Points without the
    need of additional attachments.
  • Cast column jacking mechanism
  • Unique rubber jack keeper
  • Comes with own recovery jack bag
  • Working load limit: 2200lb (1000kg)
  • Max Height: 46 inches (1117mm)
  • Min Height: 4 inches (110mm)