High Output Air compressor (160LPM)

Air compressor 3

High output air compressor with extra heavy duty motor. This compressor is rated at 160 LPM,and is enough to fill tires from 10 Psi to 35 Psi in 2 Minutes. Every box includes a wireless remote to control the compressor while you relax with your offroad buddies.

5 Year warranty means no headaches about product quality and Ravon assures you a replacement unit if the compressor fails.



Product Description


  • Premium wireless remote
  • Powerful 160L/Min F.A.D
  • 60mm cylinder
  • 0.73hp (0.54Kw) permanent magnet motor
  • 2.4m power leads with quality battery clips
  • Rubber hoses
  • Screw or thumb lock valve adaptors
  • 45 minute duty cycle
  • Can be permanently mounted



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