High Output Alternator

High Output Alternator

This high-output alternator is designed from the ground up specifically for Toyota engines. It is built to supply ample voltage and amperage for high-draw charging systems in vehicles operating in harsh environments. This system consists of an internally regulated 270-390 amp alternator. The alternator has a maximum efficiency in excess of 75 percent.

All alternators are completely manufactured in the USA using components from the USA or Japan. They are chosen for their durability, dependability and unrivaled, proven performance.



  • The available OEM alternators for the engine are rated up to 80 Amps and only produce 60 Amps at idle. This heavy-duty alternator generates apms in range of 270 – 390 Amps at normal driving speeds and produces 200 Amps at idle.

The alternators are assembled using DENSO components and produce the highest idle output. They feature a larger housing while still retaining OEM fitment without any modification required. They run cooler and are virtually indestructible. This alternator is designed to be an exact replacement to the OEM alternator.

A precision CNC 6061T6 aluminum pulley with a .002 hard anodized coating is installed on each alternator for maximum output and durability. This alternator comes with an unprecedented full two year warranty.


This sophisticated charging system features a newly designed, advanced proprietary stator winding that maximizes efficiency with nearly 80 percent sectional density of the winding coupled with very low coil resistance. This gives the alternator maximum low speed output as well as a 90 percent reduction of magnetic pulsation. The stator windings are built in a cancel circuit to minimize electrical noise.

The internal regulator is a proprietary design, advanced multifunction digital regulator that completely integrates into a vehicle’s PCM through the OEM wiring harness retaining all vehicle specific functions such as internal temperature compensation, lamp terminal monitoring, load response control, and alternator load factor.

The rectifier is mounted on-board the alternator and consists of twelve 40 Amp press-fit diodes. The brush holder assembly and slip ring are environmentally protected and the bearings are premium, heavy-duty and oversized. The alternator housings are precision-machined, cast aluminium. All components exceed OEM or Military specifications and are selected for maximum performance and reliability


  • Volts: 14
  • Amps outputs available: 250/270/350/390 amps
  • Mounting Style: Direct Fit to OEM Mounts
  • Rotation : Clockwise
  • Housing Material: A305 Aluminium
  • Housing Finish: Natural Aluminium
  • Negative: Case Ground
  • Insulated Ground: No
  • Regulator Sensing : Internal
  • Regulation: Internal
  • Regulator Type: OEM
  • Excitation: Vehicle OEM
  • Pulley: 6061 T6 Hard Anodized Aluminium
  • Rectifier: Internal 12x Sanken 40a