Intelligent Battery System


The fully automatic IBS Dual Battery Management System separates the starter battery from auxiliary battery if the car is stopped and link them while the car is running. All Systems are equipped with the IBS 200A power relay. For emergency situation all systems are equipped with manual over ride system (Press the button titles as “Link”).

This manual linking function (called load sharing) is very helpful for jump starting or when using high current appliances such as an electrical recovery winch, power inverter or compressor.

All systems are available in 24V; D+ Signal is not required.


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Product Description



  • Multi Function Display
  • Link Function Built into display
  • 200A Continuous, 500A momontary Rating
  • 12 Volt
  • 1.5kg Weight
  • 5 Years Warranty

In some markets the car industry offers cars and 4WDs what not properly charge the batteries anymore due to very strict exhaust regulations. Either the alternator is temporarily not charging or the charge voltage is reduced.

The IBS can be used in 2 main applications such as 12/12V or 24V/12V InCarCharger offering 3 different battery selections.

If IBS is installed, it recognizes an IGN-signal or the present charge of the alternator, many convenient functions are available such as link start, winch support, solar link or fast charge.

The battery monitor is installed in the vehicle (dash) and informs the driver about the charge level of both batteries, the charging voltage from the alternator or an additionally installed solar system and the relay link status. The system offers low battery alarm on both batteries and a link failure alarm. Includes a manual link for 30 and 120 Min with automatic return.



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