Sticky whips

Sticky Whips

Sticky whips is an easy mounting solution for your off road flags. No more hassle of bending your flag poles or fixing permanent adapters, with sticky whips you can safely secure your flag poles on your car any-time anywhere, let it be front bumpers or rear windshield.

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Product Description

Stickywhips has taken off road safety and simplicity to a whole new level with the introduction of our suction cup whip mount! long gone are the days of duct tape, zip ties, and stuffing flags into bed pockets or between body panels while exploring your favorite off road destination! installation and removal takes a matter of seconds and can be positioned and re-positioned on glass, body panels, plastic, virtually any flat smooth surface on any vehicle!

With stickywhips you simply stick it and forget it! take advantage of our new and improved design which incorporates an entirely new, softer rubber compound for better adhesion and UV resistance, as well as an injection molded bolt that allows for tool-less assembly and long term durability. kits are offered for both 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch whips, as well as a kit for the massive 1/2 inch whips! available now in our retail store!​


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