Rodgard Secure Band
Rodgard Secure Band
Rodgard Secure Band
Rodgard Secure Band

Hutchinson Secure Band

When a tire deflates, air pressure reaches a low point providing insufficient pressure to hold the tire in the correct position on the wheel. The tire bead can move around freely and drop into the wheel well resulting in loss of traction, braking and mobility. Sudden air loss can cause you to lose control of your vehicle resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Rodgard SecureBand is designed to simply fit over the wheel well to prevent the tire bead from moving into the well.It Assists the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle as a result of a flat or blowout.


• Cost Savings
• Non-corrosive
• 1 piece design vs. multi-piece design
• User-friendly installation compared to other well fillers
• Lightweight, flexible design for easy installation
• No wheel damage during installation as seen with rigid designs
• No impact on wheel balancing & driving performance
• Quick-connect feature for temporary installation
• Adjustable length and width to fit all wheel profiles
• Installed to a specified torque to assure proper fitment and performance
• Ability to supply high volume “Big Series” design ready to mount, no extra pieces

Technical features:

  •  Wheel Sizes 13”-20”, one piece drop center
  • Weight 20 – 35 oz. depending on size (.56-1kg)
  • Stainless Steel band construction
  • Non-corrosive Reinforced Fastening Mechanism, toughened stainless steel
  • Maximum Torque: 13 lb-ft (18 N-m)
  • Polymer Segments Specially formulated, heat resistant to 509ºF (265ºC)
  • Resistant to bending and deformation under severe loads Symmetrical design allows for proper wheel balancing
  • Segmented design allows tire to grip for maintained traction
  • Accepts tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Adjustable for all drop center geometries
  • No special tools needed for assembly