Sway Bar (Anti- Roll bar)

Super Pro Roll Control VE Commodore Sway Bar
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Increase the cornering stability of your off road vehicle by fitting a purpose built sway bar.

The prime reason a sway bar is fitted is to maintain maximum tyre contact with the road. Suspension systems are designed to vary the angle of the wheel and contact patch as a vehicle travels along the road. The optimum contact patch is achieved with the wheel in the vertical position. Braking, body roll, body yaw, squat and dive all cause the shift in contact patch.

Superior manufacturing and technological expertise ensures better car performance and safety when cornering. Our sway bars ensure that the load is distributed evenly over your tyres delivering longer tyre life and a better grip leading to a more comfortable driving experience.

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Product Description


TJM sway bars are up to 30% lighter than the traditional bars and are made from race spec chromoloy. These progressive roll control bars provide reduced weight and better fuel efficiency

A sway bar operates in a cross sectional plane offering torsional resistance to twist. Simply making a sway bar thicker makes the torsional resistance greater and therefore the sway bar becomes stiffer. Tubular material works just like a solid bar using material cross section torsional resistance. With a tubular sway bar design, sway bar rate or resistance can be adjusted by changing both the outside diameter and wall thickness.

Your every day car can easily be enhanced with  TJM sway bar products for sharper steering, less body roll making it safer for driver and passenger.The sway bar features include:

  • Unique progressive design
  • Race-spec chromoly
  • 30% lighter – lower unsprung weight



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