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TJM Ultra light portable compressor for your off road needs, pump your tires any where with this tough compact unit.

72 ltr per min Max air flow
Includes: Hose with pressure indicator and Bag
Max Current Draw: 30amps

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Product Description

The TJM air compressor has proved itself to be the ideal compressor - for any person, with any vehicle. Whether you’re on a quiet weekend away or a full expedition, there are always times when you could do with a quality TJM air compressor.


  •  72 LPM maximum air flow capacity allows tyres to be quickly inflated no matter where you are.
  • Includes 7.2M “Quick Connect” rubber hose with brass air valve connector. (Hose can be easily removed.)
  • Heavy duty sand tray is included to keep the air compressor away from grit & other foreign objects.
  • Rugged, easy-store carry bag that can be packed into your luggage space without
    damaging upholstery.
  • Can be permanently mounted and hard-wired.
  • 5 year warranty

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