TJM Alloy Nudge Bar
TJM Alloy Nudge Bar

TJM Alloy Nudge Bar

At TJM we realise that bull bars aren’t for everyone, which is why we provide our customers with the opportunity to select from our quality range of nudge bars. They are a great solution for protection from minor bumps and scrapes as well as adding value to your vehicle. As with all our frontal protection, they are individually designed and engineered in Australia to suit the shape of your vehicle. They’re also air bag compatible and ADR compliant. Our T16 nudge bars are available in either high loop or low loop variants. Each style is made from high grade polished aluminium with driving light provisions as standard.



TJM has been manufacturing Frontal Protection Systems for over 30 years in Australia and is certified to QS9000 and ISO9001 as well as implementing ISO14001 Environmental Management System. This certification has allowed TJM to supply to the original equipment market domestically and internationally, as well as State/Local Governments and commercial fleet operations.

TJM has conducted extensive static and dynamic impact tests on air bag equipped vehicles. To validate the design and testing methods used, TJM has completed many vehicle crash tests with frontal protection systems installed. The on-car crash tests have confirmed TJM’s design and testing methods provide a safe and effective air bag compatible frontal protection system.


  • 63mm High Loop Style
  • Crossbar mount for Drive Lights up to 220mm Dia.
  • Airbag Compliant. Does not void vehicle manufacturers warranty
  • Polished Alloy